Is Brando Leaving General Hospital?

The character of Brando, played by Johnny Wactor, will return to GENERAL HOSPITAL in January 2020 despite the fact that he was previously thought to be dead. While Wactor has been in primetime programs including ARMY WIVES, SIBERIA, CRIMINAL MINDS, NCIS, and THE OA, GH is his first daytime part. He has performed the character ever since, with the exception of a short stint in June 2022 when the role was recast with Brad Schmidt.

What happened to Brando on ‘General hospital’?

Even though Gladys Corbin informed everyone that her son Brando was killed in combat, he is actually her son. During the holiday season, Sonny overheard her leave a voicemail for him. She explained that she did this because it made her feel closer to her son.

However, it became clear that there was far more to the story. According to the bogus documents Sonny Corinthos drew up to keep the youngster in the country, Brando is also supposed to be Dev’s father. Therefore, his presence just served to further confuse matters.

Carly Corinthos thought the armed guy who shielded her as gunfire erupted at the Corinthos Coffee facility was one of Sonny’s men. But Carly was taken aback when Gladys recognized her son after the man had taken a bullet for her.

Sonny questioned Brando at the hospital, and he eventually confessed that he’d abandoned his mother after a terrible argument. Though he never had children of his own, he continued to follow her social media and inquired about her new grandchild when he noticed that she had posted about him.

Carly asked whether he knew she was Sonny’s wife, which is why he rescued her, and he said no, he was only acting on impulse. Carly answered Brando’s questions regarding the fake documents and the issue when he questioned her about the fictitious son he claims to have.

Brando went along with the plan, but he really just wanted to get back to Chicago. Sonny gave him a garage but told Brando it wasn’t a front and that he didn’t want Brando engaged in the family company. For saving Carly’s life, this was only a token of appreciation.

Brando is unsure if he wants to be “Family,” even if he is related to them. ABC/Valerie Durant

When Molly Davis came in to get her automobile checked out, she and Brando hit it off and ended up spending the night together. The next day, though, she found out that her lover hadn’t broken up with her—he’d been abducted! Brando promised to keep quiet after she swore him to secrecy about their affair.

Unfortunately, he quickly ran into trouble with Sam McCall, who was concerned about her sister. Brando was quick to reject the sinister Cyrus Renault, but when Brando worked on Jason Morgan’s motorbike, Morgan’s motorcycle nearly crashed to death, leading to suspicions that the mechanic was involved in the drug deal.

As a double agent for Sonny, Brando accepted Cyrus’ offer to have the accusations against him dismissed in exchange for his services. And Jason even shot Brando to keep up appearances. Brando was enraged when Gladys decided to take Cyrus’ money to frame Jason for Franco’s murder when she visited him.

Brando grew close to Sasha Gilmore while she battled drug addiction, and the two eventually had sex in his garage after he shared some of his personal struggles with her. As a means of avoiding Brando’s anger, she lied to Cyrus and said she became pregnant after having a one-night encounter.

Cyrus planned to put Brando’s loyalty to the test by kidnapping Brando’s mother and having his staff kill her. Thanks to God, they were saved, and Cyrus was brought to justice.

Despite repeated warnings, Gladys continues to meddle in her son’s affairs.

Sasha was concerned that Brando’s membership with the mafia would prevent him from being a part of their child’s life, so Brando left the underworld gladly. He also had his mother leave the house and obtain a job so that he and Sasha could get ready for the arrival of their baby. Unfortunately, their infant was born without adequate oxygen, and they had to make the agonizing decision to turn off life support and say their goodbyes.

Brando was concerned that Sasha was suffering even more than he was as he mourned their loss. He took her on a trip to Niagara Falls in an attempt to cheer her up but fell into her pleas that they run away together.

Even after they were legally married and had returned to Port Charles, Sasha never stopped taking her medication. Brando was appalled to find out that Sasha had been using drugs after she accidentally murdered Harmony, and he urged her to enter rehabilitation as a fellow addict.

Though she first objected, Brando eventually had her admitted to the hospital when he stepped in to calm her down after a meltdown on live television. Brando was concerned as Sasha maintained her resistance to attending therapy or seeking other professional assistance.

Watch General Hospital to find out what happens next in Brando’s life!

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