Did ‘Days of our lives’ end?

A feud between a father and son, a proposal with dubious motivations, and the startling return of a dead lover… To the casual observer, Friday in Salem looked and felt like any other day, yet history will remember today as the day the witch trials ended.

If you skipped the ads, you wouldn’t know that this was the final episode of Days of Our Lives on NBC, marking the end of the show’s historic 57-year tenure on the network. On Monday, September 12th, new episodes will be available to stream only on Peacock.

Fans on the East Coast missed the finale since NBC was covering King Charles III’s first formal address following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Thankfully, this will no longer be an issue once the show switches to Peacock.

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Ending its long run on NBC, the soap opera “Days of Our Lives” is switching to the Peacock Network.

‘Days of Our Lives’ is leaving NBC for streaming this autumn, marking the end of its 57-year broadcast career. Read on for further information.

Let’s start from the beginning, with Ava and Stefan’s chance meeting in the crypt.

She continued to insist that he wasn’t genuine even after he touched her. To paraphrase Jake, “You’re not Jake” (Well, at least she was only half wrong there.)

Fearing she was going crazy, Ava raced back to the main house, where Johnny offered to take her back to the tomb. Johnny assured Ava that the DiMera family has a history of resurrection, despite the absence of Stefan, but he neglected to mention André’s brief resurrection at the hands of the real Devil. (Really, though, I don’t see why anybody in this town could possibly doubt someone’s return.)

We at Days love a good DiMera family quarrel. No subject is more sensitive to Johnny and EJ than Ava Vitali — er, Ava “DiMera.”

EJ tried to convince his kid, Johnny, that his mother was immoral because “she was trained up to have no conscience,” but Johnny would have none of it.

But why does Johnny feel the need to guard her so fiercely? Tony said he was acting out of chivalry, but his wife knows otherwise. “Chivalry has nothing to do with it,” Anna said. Johnny likes Ava a lot! She says there’s nothing wrong with it and that she rather like it. Good for Johnny if he likes Ava! “, she remarked

As Johnny urged Ava not to leave the mansion, Anna’s hypothesis gained even more traction. And at the end of the hour, when they locked lips, it was final. (Ouch, ow!)

Li’s gorgeous but empty thoughts was racing with the thought that Stefan would soon return, so he pressured Gabi into accepting his proposal, which left her speechless for all the wrong reasons.

That unyielding stare, though, broke her resolve. However, Gabi acknowledged that she would be “proud” to become Mrs. Li Shin, despite the fact that no one could ever replace Stefan in her heart.

Anna was happy for the newlyweds, but Tony saw just a “strategic merger,” and surprisingly, EJ agreed with him.

Meanwhile, Kristen crashed Brady and Chloe’s celebration for two at the Salem Inn, expecting to encounter Stefan at the door. When she didn’t, she came up with the worst excuse ever, saying that she was prepared to catch Chloe cheating on Brady with the new intern at Basic Black named Randy.

The pair was able to see through Kristen’s flimsy explanation, but the cunning DiMera never goes anywhere without a fight. Before reminding Brady about the approaching custody hearing, she made sure to remind Chloe that she had been a “cheating whore” in the past.

Rolf’s life was a casualty of Hurricane Kristen when she blew over to his laboratory and nonchalantly threatened him. She didn’t label him a cheating whore, so he got off quite easily.

Naturally, Days left its biggest surprise for last: Though east coast fans didn’t get to relish the long-awaited moment, the show finished with Gabi and Stefan reconciling in the DiMera tomb.

The question is, “What comes next?” To read the rest, you’ll need a Peacock subscription. We hope to see you there


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